Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enema time with nurse liberty!

Recently,I dressed up in my favorite nurse outfit and did two enema videos. One was talking about giving an enema, and in the other,I gave myself an enema. I took lots of photos of myself and even edited a few. Here are the free teaser photos for the videos! There's some collages,a few individual photos, and a few with me smoking.  Enjoy them, then be a good boy or girl and go buy the videos at .
Here are a few samples of my edited photos. I'm still learning, but having a few app's on my phone definitely helps a LOT! Tell me these aren't sexy.. but then you'd be lying.

Knotty nurses like me take a lot of smoke breaks..  

                  MMMmmm... You just LOVE it when I blow smoke in your face, don't you!?!

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