Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spanking good time!

My bad for not posting anything in so very long. I've been one hell of a busy bee!

So let's start with a bit of history. I put up an ad looking for spanking partners on both sides of the coin. I wasn't making enough on my phone sex shop with niteflirt so I figured I would get paid to do something I really enjoy. I let the guys make offers for tribute but generally they give me $50-100  for an hour. I don't charge outrageous prices because I'm not a pro, although I do consider myself a semi pro switch . I let people make offers to fit into their budget. This happens to be my favorite fetish, it was my first and remains to this day.

Anyhow, I've seen about 15 people in the past two months. All but 4 wanted to be spanked, and 2 were decent, one was boring, but the last one was among my top 3 favorite spankings received ever. I've had uncountable spankings by many play partners and in relationships.

My record was 3 hrs, and this guy wanted to break it so he wanted 4 hrs. Lemme tell you, it was Friggin fun! He started with hand, and to say he's heavy handed is an understatement. I brought my new belt, a flogger, cane, wooden spoon, and my boot paddle... His favorite was my least favorite, the paddle, go figure. I was bruised within the first hour, sore by the second, promising to be a good girl by the third, and did a LOT of screaming in the last hr. If he ever truly punished me, I'm pretty damn sure he'd be able to make me cry, although he'd need bondage to keep me still. The drive home was super painful, using the bathroom the next few days sucked, but omg I'll do it again every week! He said he wants to meet regularly, so it's possible that'll happen... 4 days later, I'm still pretty sore, have a good deal of bruising, and keep having to masturbate from being so turned on by my overly sensitive bottom.

Mmmmm, happy pain slut masochist, to say the least! My sadistic side has had plenty of fun too, but I've yet to find someone with a pain tolerance like mine to be able to REALLY lay into... I'm sure I'll find one eventually tho hehe. Anyhow, just thought I'd share one of my favorite sessions so far with you kinky perverts! ;)