Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Ebony Avenger Meets the Sistas of Pain!

 Mistress Liberty here!

These photos are from a recent set I did with my Sista of Pain, Spanky. We captured Black Ebony and decided to have some fun with her!

 We roughed her up a bit, pulling her this way and that.

Then we each grabbed one of her big tits and had our way with them!

We beat her up, stripped her down, and used her how we saw fit! Take that you super hero wanna-be! The super Villianous Sista's of Pain are your worst nightmare! Bow down and kiss our feet!

To find the full set, 67 SEXY photos here!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nurse Libby is in!

Hey boys and gurls! Nurse Libby is here to give you that intimate checkup you've been needing for so long!
          Come on now, don't keep me waiting!

I can always take your rectal temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and MANY other things! I'll even change into my wig if you wanna play dressup! Hell, I'll even let you wear my wig!

Call me and get a peek into my naughty imagination! We can play out any fun role play you might be imagining... You can be a Doctor, patient, or even another naughty nurse! Let's PLAY!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Laught Till It Hurts

Here we have a video tease where LOLA PETALS finds herself handcuffed to a refrigerator , 
& I decide to take advantage of the situation by letting my fingers run wild all over her body.
You can find the full video @ our Clips4Sale Store, along with MANY other great fetish videos!

My Houseboy in diapers & well punished!

 This is one of my houseboys, who's name and identity will remain a mystery. He came to me for some fun, a HARD punishment, and to clean up around my place. 

As you can tell, he likes diapers... He wears them very well, just look at that bulge!

I always make each 1 of my hb's take a shower as soon as they enter my abode. I just LOVE dressing them up as girly and cute as possible!The Lelo & Stich was actually a onesy!

At the end of our play time, he is nice and marked up.
Red, sore, and sorry for misbehaving is how my houseboys leave when they've been naughty!  Be good & find out what your treat will be!
 I am not sure if i can put a photo of this up, so i haven't, 
but he was wearing a cock cage the entire 4hrs!

I have a few loyal houseboy's, 
most of which want their identity kept secret. 
Some don't want any photos taken, but this is one of my favorites, and he allows photos! 
I enjoy documenting my fun times! 
These photos are just a treat for you kinksters!

I'm a fetish phone fantasy girl, so if you want to play out a fantasy, just give Ms Libby a call! 

I have houseboys to do the menial chores a Queen like myself should not be bothered with.. Jealous?

Bitch Correctors Episode 3: Cassidy Morgan and ME

CASSIDY's Boyfriend is fed up with his tomboy girl friend. He took her to a Sleazy motel to try to get a little action, but unfortunately all she cares about is watching football.

Luckily for them, in addition to a free continental breakfast and Wifi, this motel comes with a complimentary Bitch Corrector in the form of ME!

After roughly transforming her from a tomboy to a slutty whore who obeys, i make her pose for the camera! She's much more seductive 
and sexy now,
ready to please me, and of course, her man.

Betty Boobs gets manhandled

(Damn I look sexy as hell, even as a dyke!)

  Poor Betty gets groped and mashed all over her sexy chubby body

Then forced to get into a number of humiliating poses to amuse me, the big bully.