Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dominating a boy and submitting to a Man (with 2 guys watching) in the same night!

Just the other day I got let my sadist out, and show off my masochist in the same night! Can we say AWESOME?! I got picked up and taken to the hotel my Mr, a man I have been training with as his submissive for a few months. We had some dinner, I got a shower, put on makeup, and decided what to wear to dominate a boy in out of the 5 or so outfits I brought with me. I choose a sexy red bra and pantie set, black thigh high stockings, red fishnet stockings over them, and a black dress with red high heels. When the boy toy got to the hotel, I put on a black dress over my sexy outfit and had him come in. We discussed what all was going to happen, safewords, and what his limits were before beginning our play time.

I started the first part of our session with some foot worship and spanking. He had never been OTK before and really enjoyed it! Then I did a flogging session with him, with lots of scratching included. To end the night, I had fun with a 2 part orgasm denial session that included CBT, C&B bondage, humiliation, and oh so much more! If you want to watch all the sexyness, you can find the videos for sale on my Store !

The second part of my night, after the boy left, was filled with a Dominant Sadist. I did a video of me smoking and doing some WAM play inbetween the fun times! The Sadist (we'll call him Mr) is one of those who isn't very fond of being recorded, so I don't have anything to show proof of my fun times with him... We did a fun filled pain session, while 3 guys watched us. He spanked me, flogged me, and then showed the boys how to make a woman squirt properly! We then had a lovely night of steamy sex, and the guys left after the first round hehehe..

Friday, January 10, 2014

A "little" Masturbating

A few days ago, I got to go to a professional studio to do a few FUN photo sets. The first one has been uploaded onto my store and I figured I'd update here to show off some of my favorite pics.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! I always like letting my little out to have some fun, but this was an orgasmically lovely time! These are the free samples, but you can find the whole set of 130 here !
I'll be uploading some of me as an adult baby soon, complete with diaper, binkie, and a hard spanking!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Philly Vacation = NEW Photos!

I got back a few days ago from a week vacation in Philadelphia PA to visit my friends and some play partners. While I was there, I did a lot of fun kinky sessions including a few photo sets of me being tied up in xmas lights! I updated my store with all the seperate sets, and even updated the clip site with some older clips of me in a maid outfit doing chores that I finally got around to editing! I just had to download the program and learn how to work it, but I'll be working on uploading a lot of my older content over the next few months. Keep an eye on my stores and blog, I'll try to update it more often ;)

While I was in Philly I got to play as a submissive for the first time in 4 months, and boy did I play! It started the second night I was in town, in a seedy little motel room in Jersey. First me and the Dom did a pain play session where I was spanked, tossed about, had my hair pulled, and finger fucked!  Then we did a session where I got to be the Domme and used/abused the same guy. I spanked him, sat on his face, made him eat me out until I came all over his face, tortured him, then gave him a time limit to be allowed to cum. We ordered chinese for dinner and I started tying myself up with the xmas lights. I can't help being knotty by nature! The delivery man came and had an eye full, me all tied up in only my bra and panties, laying on the bed! He gave a big smile, took his payment, gave us the food, and probably jacked off on the way back to work hehe.... After finishing one set, we ate, rested, and finished the xmas light bondage photos. To end our night, we had a wrestling match where the winner got to dominate the looser for the rest of the evening. I fought long and hard, and even when I was being sat on by that big strong man, I didn't give up. It took him cheating to win... He started nuzzling my weak spot (my neck), playing with my ears, groping my tits and fingering me; all while I'm on my back and he's laying on top of me, again. After about 20 minutes of the good fight, his cheating ways won and I ended up having to be his play thing again. He used and abused me, finger fucked me until I was sore, and made me cum hard. Damn did I sleep good that night, even though the bed was not that comfy I was plum worn out! The next day he woke me up with a spanking, had me pack, and dropped me off at my best friends place.

While at her house, she spanked me, abused my tits, used her "mom" look when I was being a "little" brat, and we had a great time! She let my favorite play partner come over and he gave me an awesome pain session. He is a big strong black man too, and VERY skilled even with only two years of experience. He makes his own toys and brought them with him. When he got to the door, I was kneeling naked waiting for him. He brought me up to him, kissed me fiercely, then had me set out all of his toys. He started with a spanking and ended up breaking one of his toys on my "Insta heal ass of steel". He spanked me for about an hour, broke in all his newest toys, and even gave me a proper belting. Then he hog tied me and did some bastinado to my feet. I felt some slack in the leather handcuffs and decided to see what would happen if I wiggled my way out of them.....  Hehehehe.. I'm such a bratty bottom! He spanked the HELL outta my ass for that stunt, long and hard, probably 20 minutes! Then we took a break for a cig and got some food. On and off, the roommate, who is a virgin to BDSM lifestyle, was watching with a lot of interest. He got to pop her cherry with spanking her and flogging her with all the toys she was interested in, and damn what a show! After he was done with her, he got back to me and put me against the wall. He started flogging me and continued for about 30 minutes, actually bringing me close to tears. That, in and of itself, is a major acomplishment! I am VERY hard to make cry during pain play, unless you mess with my off limits areas anyhow. We cuddled, kissed, and he finger fucked me until I had a loud screaming orgasm right on the living room floor of an apartment. He left with me, as I had a massage appt to get to, and we hugged for a long time.

Two days later was my last night there, so the first Dom came back and hung out at my friends place for a few hours. Two of my other besties showed up to visit me and get their xmas presents, so I got to see all my favorite Philly people. I had hoped to see my 2 boy toys while I was there, but it just didn't happen. The Dom took me to the bedroom at my friends place and spanked me one last time before we left. I stayed at his house and he used me again that night, but quietly because other people were home. Do you have ANY damn idea how hard it is to be quiet while getting finger fucked, having someone go down on you, and then orgasming realllllllllllllllllllly hard?????!!!!? SO not easy, I had to put a pillow over my head. I'm NOT a quiet person when it comes to getting off. The next day I headed home, nice and sore and well used after 4 months of almost nothing but one spanking and a few Domme sessions.

I'm back in NC now and working on my photos and videos, so keep a look out for more updates! I want to wish everybody a wonderful holiday season, a great new years, and a KINKY 2014! Enjoy the photos!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day! I've updated sites and have some new photos!

Hi there bois and gurls! Sorry it's been so long since I updated here, but I've been a busy girl working on some of my other sites. I start off with my phone counseling information, because so many of you want to know how to get in touch with me! 

NiteFlirt is a new account I've made(KinkyLiberty), for those of you wishing to talk with me for less than 30 minutes! I have a few recorded messages and different types of ads up for each specific fetish you may have!

I still work with PepLove and am more than happy to accommodate those of you who want to talk for 30 minutes, 45 mins, or even an hour or two! There are even packages where you can buy a full 11 hours worth of time to use whenever you want to, and specials going every month!

Don't forget to check out my store! All the sexy videos and photo sets there are set at the cheapest rate to celebrate Veterans Day! The prices will stay low for the entire month to celebrate our brave Military!

I have been working on uploading my own photos, edited by me, on DeviantArt 
Here's a couple of samples!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My birthday is soon!

Hello everybody! My twenty ninth birthday is coming up at the end of this month and I'm excited.. I just moved to Jacksonville NC recently, thus the reason I haven't updated this in a while. I've found a military boy toy to spank! Anyhow,I want to quit smoking cigarettes for my birthday; but I need your help to get the electronic cigs that I want to help me do that! If you want to send presents and gift cards, look on to find the office's address and send them there with a note saying it's for me. If you'd like to send money so I can buy whatever I want, like the ecigs, follow these directions. Go to Wal-Mart, buy a green dot money pack refill card, and email me the scratch off numbers on the back at . I'll make sure to do more smoking photos and videos for those of you who have that fetish, so don't worry. Even though I'm in a new place with no friends yet, I'm sure you lovelies will send me plenty of nice gifts. My favorite stores, if you want to send gift cards, are Spencer's, Hot Topic, Walmart, taco bell, burger king, olive garden, red lobster, and pre-paid reusable gift cards that I can use for anything!

P.S. If you want me to earn my present, you can always buy my videos and photo sets, or call me through Peplove. Ask for my birthday special, it's $29 off any length call! Have your credit card ready! 2159040150

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4th of July SALE!!!! Buy 2 clips or image sets, get one FREE!

That is correct; you read that right! To celebrate the upcoming holiday, the 4th of July, I'm putting all my video's and photo sets on sale! The sale starts NOW and ends on the 5th of July at midnight. I'm going to lower the prices as low as the site will allow on everything I have, then I'm even going to give you a FREE file with the purchase of at least 2 clips/images...

  Nurse giving You an enema $4.99= 4 minute
A nurse as naughty as I am needs an enema weekly!  See my 1st enema video now! $8.99=10 minutes

You need to go visit my clip site (almost 40)&pic site (8 so far)! Then choose at least two of your favorites after looking through them all, purchase them, and then just email me! I'll need your name, state/country, and the name of the item's you purchased, as well as what file you'd like as a free gift. Your gift has to be of equal to or lesser price to the cheapest one you buy(but I'm sure you knew that)... It's only fair. 

  I'm such a lil demon child... I was caught being bad, AS ALWAYS, and made to strip down to my thong slowly. The camera clicked for what felt like an hour, and the articles of clothing slowly fell off of my body. Once I was pretty much naked, I ended up in a small metal cage that I barely fit in! Peek at Caged and Stripped, with 130 pics for only $5.99!

As for transferring them to you, I can share a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox, or just upload it to YouTube. It would be a private video that only you can see with the link I'd send. Then you just upload it to your computer, email me to let me know you've gotten it, and I'll take it down from YouTube. I could make you a dvd and send it to you, but then I'd need $5 to ship it as well as the address you want it sent to.  If these options don't work for you, just let me know how you'd like to get your gift!


The naughty schoolgirl spanks herself!
You know you've always had the fantasy, don't lie.... A sexy little (adult behaving like a younger girl) schoolgirl that's been naughty for a long time, and you tell her to spank herself for you! I got caught playing with bubbles and a lollipop during school, so now it's time to make me punish myself for your amusement! Watch as i strip down out of my cute outfit to show my naughty under-things, then use many different implements to spank myself until my bottom turns bright red and I'm begging for mercy! $5.99 for 198 spankingly sexy photos


 My sales are just below the minimum to get paid, so be sweet!

Buy a few to push my sales right over that line of getting paid!

You scratch My back, and I will scratch yours. MMmmm...

Title all emails "Ready for my gift!"

Your Pussy is Ready to Play!
In this set, I am dressed up as one of my favorite animals to play as, a precious pussy cat! You get to watch me go from full kitty kat costume down to a thong, bra, ears, tail, and of course a leash and collar! Think you can lead this mischiveous kitty around by her leash?? Well come on in and try me! I'll try not to bite, maybe just a few love nips!
$5.99 for 78 Purrrfectly

Friday, June 21, 2013

Two play partners & a day with my submissive

Let's start with Wed night when I had a lovely lady cuddled next to me for the 3rd day.. She stayed for a good long time, and we watched the last season of Supernatural that's on Netflix. Then we started Wilbert, Fringe, and Doctor Who. Thursday afternoon a male play partner came over; he played with me on and off all night! I got a lovely tease of a spanking, kisses, cuddles, and pinches from him. The lonely lady and my male play partner walked up to the bus stop together sometime after midnight.

Around 3 am, a bitch boy of mine texted me asking if I wanted to come over and play. He always pays me for my time, skills, and attention, like a good boy should. I think he arrived around 430am to pick me up, then on the way to his place, we stopped for me to pick up smokes, food, and red bull. We played on and off from around 5a-10a, and Damn did we have fun!
I started by having him get naked and put on a white pair of granny panties on for me. I scratched him up, played with his sensitive nipples, then tortured his cock and balls a bit. I wanted them nice and sensitive for what came next... his shave! I did his entire cock, balls, and anus. It took me about an hour total. I had him on his hands and knees to do his ass, getting all the hair in between his cheeks. He flipped over obediently and spread his legs wide as I got his cock, balls, and pubic area clean shaven. Of course, I tortured him during the whole thing.

We showered together when I finished, washing the other. I got him on his knees to soap up my legs, feet,& hips; then while he was down there I washed his hair. Once we finished, we headed back into his room and took a short break...  He asked me if we could do a weekly meeting, as he likes how I'm naturally dominant. After a few more lovely things he said, I agreed and we set a price.

I ended up tying him up a few different ways, giving him lots of light cbt, spanking him with many different implements, and even giving him his first enema. This boy has a very low pain tolerance, so I'm working him up a little at a time. I actually popped two cherries for him this morning; being completely shaven & the 2 quart enema(with douche nozzle). He surprisingly was able to hold it for about 6 minutes while I played with his nipples and balls to distract him from the cramps. Of course, he spent the next ten minutes on the toilet and we talked a bit. "It's hard to describe, but I feel lighter and cleaner", those were his words after he was empty.

We talked about new toys he'll be getting me in time, including a nice strap on and possibly even sounding wands. For my birthday in Sept, I may be asking for a violet wand kit (which I totally just thought of). After a good deal more playing, I let him masturbate.  He wanted me to ruin the orgasms, so when he got close I had him stop. This continued for about twenty minutes, then he squirted without the orgasm like five times. I got home about an hour ago and am seriously considering trying to get some sleep. The red bulls stopped working and I'm tired as all hell, but of course I have to get off first!

P.s. Don't forget to check out my clips4sale site and check out my newest videos! None are from the last few days of fun, but I promise to get some up with my first two play partners mentioned in this blog. The submissive prefers his privacy, but I can still tell the stories! Hope you enjoy my blog!