Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dominating a boy and submitting to a Man (with 2 guys watching) in the same night!

Just the other day I got let my sadist out, and show off my masochist in the same night! Can we say AWESOME?! I got picked up and taken to the hotel my Mr, a man I have been training with as his submissive for a few months. We had some dinner, I got a shower, put on makeup, and decided what to wear to dominate a boy in out of the 5 or so outfits I brought with me. I choose a sexy red bra and pantie set, black thigh high stockings, red fishnet stockings over them, and a black dress with red high heels. When the boy toy got to the hotel, I put on a black dress over my sexy outfit and had him come in. We discussed what all was going to happen, safewords, and what his limits were before beginning our play time.

I started the first part of our session with some foot worship and spanking. He had never been OTK before and really enjoyed it! Then I did a flogging session with him, with lots of scratching included. To end the night, I had fun with a 2 part orgasm denial session that included CBT, C&B bondage, humiliation, and oh so much more! If you want to watch all the sexyness, you can find the videos for sale on my Store !

The second part of my night, after the boy left, was filled with a Dominant Sadist. I did a video of me smoking and doing some WAM play inbetween the fun times! The Sadist (we'll call him Mr) is one of those who isn't very fond of being recorded, so I don't have anything to show proof of my fun times with him... We did a fun filled pain session, while 3 guys watched us. He spanked me, flogged me, and then showed the boys how to make a woman squirt properly! We then had a lovely night of steamy sex, and the guys left after the first round hehehe..

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