Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Golden balloon pictures

Actually,I forgot to get photos WITH the balloons,but I took a few lovely pics of myself before & after I played with my balloons. I did a video of me blowing.... up 15 balloons, then one playing with them,and a last one of me popping them in sexy ways. It was a prepaid fan requested video series. I'll have them up on my clips4sale store by the end of the week for the rest of you balloon fetish lover's to purchase! Enjoy the free sample photos!

PS if you'd like a video made just for you, email me and let me know what your looking for & how much of a gift your offering. Well discuss all the kinky details, but it must have a deposit put down. After I'm done, you pay in full and it gets sent to you, then sold on my store if you want it there! Don't be shy, email me!     MsKnottyPerv@aim.com

UPDATE! I hate to have to say this, but somebody stole the memory card I had my balloon fetish videos on! 3 awesome videos are now lost because someone wanted to be a cheap bastard. I promise to get another pack soon and do more videos for you balloon fetishists! Enjoy the photos at least!

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