Monday, February 13, 2012

My Houseboy in diapers & well punished!

 This is one of my houseboys, who's name and identity will remain a mystery. He came to me for some fun, a HARD punishment, and to clean up around my place. 

As you can tell, he likes diapers... He wears them very well, just look at that bulge!

I always make each 1 of my hb's take a shower as soon as they enter my abode. I just LOVE dressing them up as girly and cute as possible!The Lelo & Stich was actually a onesy!

At the end of our play time, he is nice and marked up.
Red, sore, and sorry for misbehaving is how my houseboys leave when they've been naughty!  Be good & find out what your treat will be!
 I am not sure if i can put a photo of this up, so i haven't, 
but he was wearing a cock cage the entire 4hrs!

I have a few loyal houseboy's, 
most of which want their identity kept secret. 
Some don't want any photos taken, but this is one of my favorites, and he allows photos! 
I enjoy documenting my fun times! 
These photos are just a treat for you kinksters!

I'm a fetish phone fantasy girl, so if you want to play out a fantasy, just give Ms Libby a call! 

I have houseboys to do the menial chores a Queen like myself should not be bothered with.. Jealous?

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