Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feminizing a "boy"

Today, here is the photo set sample for your viewing pleasure! In the full photo set, there are over 120 pics for you to enjoy! I really love feminizing boys, and this "guy" was loads of FUN! 
This set is called "Feminized & Tenderized"

I checked out my human doll.
Tested it's obedience and pain tolerance.

I had some fun shaving that prickly beard, applying whorish makeup,
dressing her up in something sexy and revealing,  then using her for my own pleasure! 
There is also a video of the same name, in which she gets a lesson that won't soon be forgotten! 
I spanked her and tortured her SO sweetly! 

If you want to take her place,
and be turned into the little lady 
you need/want to be, 
Call Me for a Complete Makeover!

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