Friday, June 21, 2013

Two play partners & a day with my submissive

Let's start with Wed night when I had a lovely lady cuddled next to me for the 3rd day.. She stayed for a good long time, and we watched the last season of Supernatural that's on Netflix. Then we started Wilbert, Fringe, and Doctor Who. Thursday afternoon a male play partner came over; he played with me on and off all night! I got a lovely tease of a spanking, kisses, cuddles, and pinches from him. The lonely lady and my male play partner walked up to the bus stop together sometime after midnight.

Around 3 am, a bitch boy of mine texted me asking if I wanted to come over and play. He always pays me for my time, skills, and attention, like a good boy should. I think he arrived around 430am to pick me up, then on the way to his place, we stopped for me to pick up smokes, food, and red bull. We played on and off from around 5a-10a, and Damn did we have fun!
I started by having him get naked and put on a white pair of granny panties on for me. I scratched him up, played with his sensitive nipples, then tortured his cock and balls a bit. I wanted them nice and sensitive for what came next... his shave! I did his entire cock, balls, and anus. It took me about an hour total. I had him on his hands and knees to do his ass, getting all the hair in between his cheeks. He flipped over obediently and spread his legs wide as I got his cock, balls, and pubic area clean shaven. Of course, I tortured him during the whole thing.

We showered together when I finished, washing the other. I got him on his knees to soap up my legs, feet,& hips; then while he was down there I washed his hair. Once we finished, we headed back into his room and took a short break...  He asked me if we could do a weekly meeting, as he likes how I'm naturally dominant. After a few more lovely things he said, I agreed and we set a price.

I ended up tying him up a few different ways, giving him lots of light cbt, spanking him with many different implements, and even giving him his first enema. This boy has a very low pain tolerance, so I'm working him up a little at a time. I actually popped two cherries for him this morning; being completely shaven & the 2 quart enema(with douche nozzle). He surprisingly was able to hold it for about 6 minutes while I played with his nipples and balls to distract him from the cramps. Of course, he spent the next ten minutes on the toilet and we talked a bit. "It's hard to describe, but I feel lighter and cleaner", those were his words after he was empty.

We talked about new toys he'll be getting me in time, including a nice strap on and possibly even sounding wands. For my birthday in Sept, I may be asking for a violet wand kit (which I totally just thought of). After a good deal more playing, I let him masturbate.  He wanted me to ruin the orgasms, so when he got close I had him stop. This continued for about twenty minutes, then he squirted without the orgasm like five times. I got home about an hour ago and am seriously considering trying to get some sleep. The red bulls stopped working and I'm tired as all hell, but of course I have to get off first!

P.s. Don't forget to check out my clips4sale site and check out my newest videos! None are from the last few days of fun, but I promise to get some up with my first two play partners mentioned in this blog. The submissive prefers his privacy, but I can still tell the stories! Hope you enjoy my blog!

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