Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4th of July SALE!!!! Buy 2 clips or image sets, get one FREE!

That is correct; you read that right! To celebrate the upcoming holiday, the 4th of July, I'm putting all my video's and photo sets on sale! The sale starts NOW and ends on the 5th of July at midnight. I'm going to lower the prices as low as the site will allow on everything I have, then I'm even going to give you a FREE file with the purchase of at least 2 clips/images...

  Nurse giving You an enema $4.99= 4 minute
A nurse as naughty as I am needs an enema weekly!  See my 1st enema video now! $8.99=10 minutes

You need to go visit my clip site (almost 40)&pic site (8 so far)! Then choose at least two of your favorites after looking through them all, purchase them, and then just email me! I'll need your name, state/country, and the name of the item's you purchased, as well as what file you'd like as a free gift. Your gift has to be of equal to or lesser price to the cheapest one you buy(but I'm sure you knew that)... It's only fair. 

  I'm such a lil demon child... I was caught being bad, AS ALWAYS, and made to strip down to my thong slowly. The camera clicked for what felt like an hour, and the articles of clothing slowly fell off of my body. Once I was pretty much naked, I ended up in a small metal cage that I barely fit in! Peek at Caged and Stripped, with 130 pics for only $5.99!

As for transferring them to you, I can share a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox, or just upload it to YouTube. It would be a private video that only you can see with the link I'd send. Then you just upload it to your computer, email me to let me know you've gotten it, and I'll take it down from YouTube. I could make you a dvd and send it to you, but then I'd need $5 to ship it as well as the address you want it sent to.  If these options don't work for you, just let me know how you'd like to get your gift!


The naughty schoolgirl spanks herself!
You know you've always had the fantasy, don't lie.... A sexy little (adult behaving like a younger girl) schoolgirl that's been naughty for a long time, and you tell her to spank herself for you! I got caught playing with bubbles and a lollipop during school, so now it's time to make me punish myself for your amusement! Watch as i strip down out of my cute outfit to show my naughty under-things, then use many different implements to spank myself until my bottom turns bright red and I'm begging for mercy! $5.99 for 198 spankingly sexy photos


 My sales are just below the minimum to get paid, so be sweet!

Buy a few to push my sales right over that line of getting paid!

You scratch My back, and I will scratch yours. MMmmm...

Title all emails "Ready for my gift!"   MsKnottyPerv@aim.com

Your Pussy is Ready to Play!
In this set, I am dressed up as one of my favorite animals to play as, a precious pussy cat! You get to watch me go from full kitty kat costume down to a thong, bra, ears, tail, and of course a leash and collar! Think you can lead this mischiveous kitty around by her leash?? Well come on in and try me! I'll try not to bite, maybe just a few love nips!
$5.99 for 78 Purrrfectly playful.photos

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